Definition of Marketing Research

Definition of Marketing Research – Marketing research is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information—information used to identify and define opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate actions; monitor performance; and improve understanding of it as a process. It specifies the information required to address these issues, designs the method for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process, analyzes the results, and communicates the findings and their implications. (Approved 2017)

Definition of Brand

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers. ISO brand standards add that a brand “is an intangible asset” that is intended to create “distinctive images and associations in the minds of stakeholders, thereby generating economic benefit/values.”

Types of Marketing

Influencer Marketing

This focuses on leveraging individuals who have influence over potential buyers and orienting activities around these individuals to drive a brand message to the larger market. With this, a brand inspires or compensates influencers (which can include celebrities, content creators, customer advocates, and employees) to get the word out on their behalf.

Viral Marketing

A phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along an advertising message.

Green Marketing

Refers to the development and promotion of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe (i.e., designed to minimize negative effects on the physical environment or to improve its quality).

This term may also be used to describe efforts to produce, promote, package, and reclaim products in a manner that is sensitive or responsive to ecological concerns.

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Keyword Marketing

Involves placing a message in front of users based on the specific keywords and phrases they are using to search.[1]

A key advantage of this method is that it gives marketers the ability to reach the right people with the right message at the right time. For many marketers, this method results in the placement of an ad when certain keywords are entered.

Note that in SEO, this term refers to achieving top placement in the search results themselves.


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There are 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Get the Audience’s Attention

There are 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Get the Audience’s Attention – To Steal The Attention Of The Audience Now There Are Five Tips And Ways Of Social Media Marketing That Users Should Know So That They Are Not Outdated

Sribu, a startup engaged in providing crowdsourcing-based digital marketing and content solutions, shares tips for business people who want to take advantage of the power of social media, especially through the Instagram and TikTok platforms to reach a wider market and increase sales.

The potential for marketing through social media (social media marketing) in Indonesia does not need to be doubted.

The combination of the massive number of users and the long duration of use of social media has made it one of the most powerful marketing tools.

A report from WeAreSocial in early 2022 noted that Indonesia was ranked as the 10th country with the longest average use of social media with an average usage time of 197 minutes or about 3.2 hours per day.

Ryan Gondokusumo, Founder and CEO of Sribu said that social media marketing has become a common thing for business people in Indonesia. The potential is indeed extraordinary and is expected to continue to grow in the future. If used properly, according to him, social media marketing can certainly be a powerful tool for business people who want to introduce and promote their products.

“Nevertheless, there are many misconceptions among business people regarding its use. We found that many business owners think that to do social media marketing, companies just need to create an account and post content about the products and services they offer. This of course can be done. However, to achieve measurable and expected results, a mature strategy is needed and supported by an attractive content creation strategy so that the products offered can become viral and in demand by potential buyers.”

In contrast to when social media was just starting to develop where the number of followers became a benchmark for the success of a campaign on social media, nowadays business people can achieve instant popularity if the content they create goes viral.

Recommendation system features like Reels on Instagram (IG Reels) or For You Page (FYP) on TikTok allow a viral content to be seen by many people, even if that person doesn’t follow the Instagram or TikTok account that created the content.

“The map of competition in the realm of social media today is different from when social media was just starting to emerge. In the past, what determines whether a content will be seen by users is if the account is followed by many people. The more followers an account has, the more people will be attracted to it. can see the posted content. However, along with the development of social media, the algorithmic system that determines the content displayed to users has also changed. Now, a content can be seen by more people if the content is judged to have the potential to go viral by social media platforms For that, the content creation strategy is the key to its success, “explained Ryan again.

Furthermore, Sribu shares some tips regarding aspects that need to be considered to make your video content go viral on Instagram and TikTok:

1. Determine your target audience

Even though as many people as possible see our content, the potential is also getting bigger, but if it is not right on target, then the results are not as expected.

It is important for business actors and marketers to conduct research to understand the profile of potential buyers or the intended target audience.

This is very important to do so that the content that is created is interesting, relevant and in accordance with the tastes and habits of your potential buyers.

Business actors need to create a specific prospective buyer persona profile so that they can identify interests and habit patterns appropriately in order to develop content strategies that are on target.

The profile of the intended target audience can also influence the choice of social media to be used.

TikTok has an audience of a younger age group. Nearly half of all TikTok users are under the age of 30 and 25% are under the age of 20.

If the target market segmentation is the young age group, then TikTok can be a more appropriate choice.

IG Reels has a more diverse audience segmentation with most users aged 25 to 44 years.

If you are pursuing a more mature audience segment with higher purchasing power, then IG reels can be the right choice.

2. Create content that is humane and relevant to your target audience

Impressive content doesn’t just have to show sophistication, sparkle or something ‘wow’.

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When observed, viral content often displays the human side and is relevant to the daily life and problems of the target audience.

Of course, to support this already interesting storyline, ensuring good video and sound/music quality is also important so that the content we create will inspire the enthusiasm and emotions of the audience who watch it.

3. Convey messages clearly and simply in a short time

To be able to go viral on IG Reels and TikTok FYP, business owners need to ensure that the impression and message they want to convey can be understood in a short time.

The maximum length of an IG Reels video is 90 seconds while that of TikTok is 60 seconds. For this reason, the concept of content must be carefully prepared so that it can convey the entire message in a short time.

Messages also need to be kept as simple as possible so that they can be understood in one video viewing.

4. Create content that builds interaction and provokes audience reactions

One aspect that determines whether a video can go viral is the interaction with the user.

For this reason, it is important to create content that provokes audience reactions, whether in the form of comments, likes or reposts.

This can be done by including a call to action in the video content, including asking the audience to like, leave comments, or share the post if they like the content or agree with the video.

5. Combine with paid advertising and influencers

Apart from relying on posts on your social media accounts, you can also expand your reach further by using advertising and promotions through influencers.

When placing an ad, make sure you adjust the parameters on each advertising platform so that it is right on target to the target you want to achieve.

In addition to using advertising, business actors can also reach more users by collaborating with influencers who have an audience profile that matches the products or services you offer.

In choosing an influencer, make sure that the impression displayed is consistent with your product and in accordance with the tastes of your target market.

After successfully getting the attention of the target audience and increasing the number of followers, the thing that is no less important is building relationships with them.

This can be done by responding to comments they make on posts or by reposting content from users who share our content on their accounts.

This will help improve relationships with the target audience and is expected to increase sales and loyalty to the products or services offered.

“There are so many aspects that affect the success of social media marketing efforts, ranging from careful planning, creating quality content, to building relationships with the target audience. However, sometimes business actors have limited resources in these areas. For that hiring freelancers can be the best solution.

As a freelancer crowdsourcing platform for digital content and marketing, Sribu has more than 26,000 curated freelancers who have various expertise ranging from digital content creation ranging from logo design, packaging, other banners, caption writing, articles, photography, videography, social media marketing, marketing. digital and website creation.

To date, as many as 100,000 jobs have been completed by freelancers through the Sribu crowdsourcing platform, with more than 15,000 small to large businesses using Sribu’s services such as Pertamina, DHL, Manulife Investment Management, Indesso, Intiland, Kebab Baba Rafi, Sari Munik, Mega Jaya, and many mor

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Special Criteria Guidelines for Finding Trusted Poker Sites

Special Criteria Guidelines for Finding Trusted Poker Sites – In finding and selecting superior sites for online poker gambling providers, various criteria are needed. The idn poker site is much sought after by people who want to find their luck. The site is an important facility that is specifically devoted to facilitating the various needs of people who want to play online gambling. Popular games such as poker are also not spared from this.

Although it is very well known and is the choice of many parties, users must also pay attention to the services and various things related to the services provided. Gambler should not arbitrarily choose a site because it can bring losses and result in users losing their funds. In order for online gambling sites to fulfill their needs and all that is needed, players can use several special criteria and see the characteristics of the service.

Features of the Official Online Poker IDN Site

The idn poker site has special characteristics or criteria that will let them know what must be met. For this, users need various information and knowledge about what they need to become an official service. Official services not only look at and prioritize security, but also look at other things related to the game system. Here are some important criteria that sites must meet when they want to be considered an official and secure service:

Have an official license

Ownership of a license in an online site is indeed very important. This is to see whether users who play can enjoy all forms of facilities owned by this service or not. Certificates are also mandatory evidence to gain the trust of the online service concerned. If you already have license then the chances of making real wins are also better.

Adequate facilities

The facilities provided by the online service provider must be complete. This completeness can be seen from various things such as the menus that have been prepared. The preparation of the menu in download idn poker betting is also diverse. In addition, users need to have a guide if they want to do various things related to the game process. This guide will help players who are not very familiar with the system they will use.

Customer service 24 hours

For communication with the site when there are obstacles or problems will also be very easy. Players can enjoy various advantages with a system that is online 24 hours. This service can be used by anyone and anytime who needs help. The method used is also convenient, namely via telephone service or even chat. Online sites provide the best service with a fairly easy reach. With this range, players will have no trouble if they need help.

Timely payment

The payment system carried out by the site is also very smooth where all the money will be immediately available to gamblers when they finish betting. With a full payment, players can make the transaction process even easier. The amount of money that will be generated will also not be deducted by the admin of the site so that the profits will be much more.

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Benefits of Existing Alternative Links to Sportsbook Sites

Benefits of Existing Alternative Links to Sportsbook Sites – When visiting an online sportsbook gambling provider site, one of the things you can find is an alternative link. Betting is a game that never runs out to review. Where, the game alone has grown to be more modern. This is of course influenced by the sophistication of technology which continues to be fast. Interestingly, this time online gambling games can be played without space and duration limits.

Of course, it is not surprising that the number of actors is always facing a fairly rapid increase. Generally, new players associate because they are tempted by the results of large online soccer betting bets. However, sometimes they don’t remember that getting it is not as easy as it seems. Because of course it takes a mature strategy in order to beat rivals in online soccer gambling games.

Interestingly, the number of gambling games continues to vary. As a result, it makes players have more opportunities to earn other profits. Well, one type of game that can be found and actually has a very large number of players is soccer gambling. This game has a game tool in the form of a ball sport.

Where, there are a lot of ball sports that are the subject of this game. Starting from football, volleyball, tennis, badminton and others. In fact, not only through the game website, players can also play this game via a  indomaxbet soccer gambling substitute link. Well, this time we want to discuss the replacement link. Where, this link will be needed by players. Next is a more detailed review.

Various About Links Substitute for Gambling Balls

What is Alternative Link. The replacement link for soccer gambling is a supply link that players will need. Where, in the Online Gambling Alternative Link, there are various things that can be found on the main website. Starting from the menu, the facilities to the game are also similar.

You also don’t need to be afraid of the amount of difference you have. Because, when you log in to your account via this link, it means that all things on the important website can be found in that link. One of them is your difference.

Method of Obtaining Alternative Links

Well, to be able to get a replacement link yourself is not difficult, because indeed there are several methods that can be tried. Generally, every website will provide this replacement link. If you don’t find it on the page, you can visit customer service to get an alternative link. Not only that, you can also get this replacement link from other players who have played for a long time.

Of course, they wanted to share the link. Another method that can be tried to get a replacement link for soccer gambling is by joining a community. Generally, the gambling game community itself is hidden and some of it can indeed be found on social media. The next day, not only can you get a replacement link, you can also get advice from some trusted websites.

Benefits of Using Alternative Links

Of course, there are still many players who do not understand the benefits and benefits of substitute links. This makes many players even neglect the arrival of this link. Meanwhile, the replacement link itself serves to open a website that has been blocked for the center. In fact, it can be considered as a provision when important websites are blocked. Not only that, the existence of this link also makes it easier for players who want to play and of course not to be afraid of differences in important websites. Because it will automatically be included in the replacement link.

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Factors for Increasing the Popularity of Online Slot Gambling

Factors for Increasing the Popularity of Online Slot Gambling – Online slots are currently included in the type of online gambling that has a fairly high level of popularity. Online slot gambling can be said to be one of the most popular gambling games and is widely played by gamblers around the world. One of the most interesting attractions of this one game is that there is a jackpot bonus. Considering that the jackpot is the biggest bonus in slot games available on online slot gambling sites. With this jackpot bonus, online slot players can make big profits using only minimal capital.

For those of you who want to play online slots 100% smoothly, then you should know a brief guide to playing online slot gambling. If you know the guide properly and correctly, of course, you will be able to get a high percentage of winnings.

At this time it can be said that many slot fans in Indonesia prefer to play online slots when compared to playing offline. The advantage of this online slot is that it is comfortable to play. Because, slot gambling can be played wherever and whenever players want. To be able to play it, you must first become a member of a trusted slot gambling site.

3 Attractions Of Online Slot Gambling That Are Interesting Today

1. Can Be Played Using Small Capital

The interesting thing about the attraction of playing this online slot is that it can be played using only a small capital. Only by playing dingdong online slot gambling using small capital does not rule out the opportunity for you to be able to make large profits. Of course, this will allow you to play real money online slots very comfortably without having to worry about risk because slots can be played with a small nominal deposit.

2. Diverse Game Types

You can also play many types of various online slot games on trusted slot gambling sites 2020. Not only that, you will find it easy to win the slot games provided by the site. This is because, trusted online slot gambling sites certainly provide online slot games that are supported by a fairplay system and have the highest percentage of wins.

3. Playable Anytime

The attraction of this online slot gambling is that it can be played anytime and anywhere. So, every Indonesian online slot player can make money at any time without any time limits. This is one of the reasons why slot gambling is getting more and more enthusiasts.

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Knowing the Types of Slot Agent Bonus Offers

Knowing the Types of Slot Agent Bonus Offers – By deciding to play online slot gambling, you can indeed find the various types of bonuses offered. You may have recognized the various types of bonuses available on online or offline slot machines at land-based casinos such as jackpot bonuses, mini games and free spins embedded in slot games. But did you know that there are still many types of bonuses available on real money slot gambling betting sites?

Slot games have recently received special attention from online gambling lovers in the country and are predicted to be a tough competitor for poker gambling, which has dominated online gambling games in Indonesia throughout these years.

Because apart from the bonuses we mentioned above, namely jackpot bonuses, mini games and free spins, there are still a number of bonuses waiting when you switch to online slot games.

Turnover/Rolling Bonus

The turnover bonus or rollover is a common bonus that is clearly available on every Indonesian online slot gambling website. This prize is the same as your bet round bonus while playing online slot games.

This means that all the bets that you have made in the game, whether you lose or win, are still counted. Then the total amount is the same as the validity period of the bonus that has been confirmed, for example / day / week / month.

The entire accumulated turnover will be reversed according to the provisions of the site’s bonus provisions to your online slot account in the form of game credits.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are commonly found on Indonesian online slot gambling websites. If you usually get a return bonus / cashback value from the total value of your shopping. The mechanism is not much different.

The value of the online slot joker88 cashback bonus is taken from the total loss in your account at a certain time and then reversed as a % in the form of game credits. So it can be said that the cashback bonus is the same as an interlude bonus or a loss bonus. This bonus can be combined with a turnover bonus so you can get 2 bonuses at once when playing online slots.

New Member Bonus

Bonus prizes for new members or new members are one of the things you can taste as online slot gamblers. After registering a new member you are immediately given playing capital without a deposit.

The amount of new member bonus value that can be obtained also varies on each site. This bonus can only be obtained once because if you are found to be naughty, in other words, you register again and there is an IP match in your new account, the bonus will be removed.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is an additional credit bonus after you make a deposit. The amount of the deposit bonus is between 50% – 100% of the value of your deposit. So that there is no misunderstanding, you should watch the terms of this deposit bonus because generally there is an optimal bonus that can be obtained.

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Official Slot Providers Have The Following Characteristics

Official Slot Providers Have The Following Characteristics – Determining the right type of slot provider site can indeed take into account several characteristics. Online slot gambling is very easy compared to guessing the results of spending numbers. This game is perfect for beginners, they can make a lot of money from one spin on 1 igaming theme. In the last two years, slot games have begun to be provided by Indonesian agents because there are so many gambling enthusiasts. In addition to being able to earn money from the igaming round, participants will get several benefits, one of which is a bonus.

Speed ​​when playing online gambling is assisted by trusted online gambling agents. That’s why we need an experienced agent to ensure that no fraud occurs during gambling. Simple tips to find a trusted gambling site, one of which is using Google, if the best site appears on the main page, it means that the agent is competent in providing gambling.

Beginners must understand the type of experienced agent based on the appearance of the interface because many phishing sites are always trying to steal player information. When someone registers to play Mystic Chief or to play Brother Kingdom, they must register by filling in the registration field using some data.

Provides Admin Fee Free Deposit

If you are still wasteful when paying a deposit because the agent does not use deposit services via OVO, DANA, GOPAY, Telkomsel credit, and XL, you should choose another agent. You need a trusted service that can allow deposits via credit or digital wallets so that the costs are cheaper. Generally, a deposit via credit or e-wallet is only 10 thousand without spending 6500 for admin fees.

Providing Demo

Demo is the most important service to make it easier for situs dingdong slot fans to practice. When given a game recommendation, they don’t immediately understand, so they need free practice via demo. This demo applies to all types of games from 20 well-known igaming providers. If there is a beginner demo, you can quickly get lost when playing money mouse or chicken drop.

Providing Bonus

Sometimes players experience a lack of funds even though the sweet bonanza will run out. To make up for the lack of capital, players need additional bonuses, one of which is a deposit bonus and cashback. Agents have an obligation to send all bonuses directly to the balance so that they can be used to play reel games.

Live chat Always Quick Respond

It takes an agent who responds quickly, it must use a live customer service to respond to all member needs. Deposits, complaints, and withdrawals must all be submitted through customer service.

Using HTML5 and SSL on the web

To ensure security, we must look at the link address of the site that already has a secure socket layer so that there is no information theft. In addition, betting can be accessed on the HTML5 system so it is free of fraud.

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Effective Steps to Have Online Slot Winning Opportunities

Effective Steps to Have Online Slot Winning Opportunities – The success experienced by online slot gambling players can indeed be experienced with various effective steps.

Every player certainly wants to get the best income playing real money online slots. Because it is undeniable that the betting business that is undertaken can generate large profits. The reason is, there is a multiplication of high odds which will be multiplied by the value of the winnings that have been obtained. With the opportunity to play for a longer time, players can collect profits more effectively.

Of course, in playing online slot games, you only need to spin more often. Which when you manage to get a number of twin images on each spin played, the winner will pocket a large profit payout. Of course, it is undeniable that anyone can get lucky slots with playing capital starting from Rp. 25 thousand.

In playing online mpo slot games, of course, players will rely on luck. Because the winnings will be determined by the presence of a number of twin images that appear on each spin. To get a large amount of effective income, players can rely on several trusted online slot winning tactics such as the following:

1. Play on the Most Popular Slots

By placing bets on a number of the most popular online slots played by many gambling players, you can certainly provide effective luck. Because there are opportunities to win and payout profits that can be obtained more often. So that the players can pocket a large effective income every time.

2. Purchase the Free Spins Feature

The existence of the advantage of the free spins feature on certain types of slots, certainly provides profitable opportunities for players. Because it is undeniable that there are large multiplications that can appear more often in the number of spins played.

3. Placing a Bigger Bet

When placing a bet with a large value on several spin rounds, of course there is an opportunity to have the best income. Because it is undeniable that from this betting method it can provoke winning opportunities to appear more often. That way, players can collect effective profits more effectively.

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Know the Special Strategy to Become a Slot Winner

Know the Special Strategy to Become a Slot Winner – Online slot gambling players really need to recognize and use various types of winning strategies. Today’s online slot games are one of the best games ever in the world of online betting. With several types of slots to choose from, making slot games truly unique and interesting. And the question is, is it difficult to understand the mechanics of online slot games?

Before you actually fall into a very, very dangerous position, please remember, so as not to proceed with a deposit with a hot heart and mind condition. It’s better for you to stop playing for a moment, than you wasting your money in vain without any satisfactory results.

Before you start playing, you must prepare mentally in advance to be able to accept whatever results you will get, be it a defeat or even a small victory. Because no one can predict when that victory or defeat will happen, so make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities.

Try Game Demo

When you want to try a slot machine, it’s a good idea to try betting on the demo game system first to make sure if the machine matches what you want. To avoid you wasting money unnecessarily when the game was not to your liking. Every judi mpo slot game usually has a demo of the game.

Free Spin Opportunities You Can Get

Free Spins are one of the regular bonuses that are given while the game is in progress. You are free to spin the slot reel for free and can increase the chances of winning the jackpot will also increase. It is important for you to know this, some machines have little chance of getting free spins.

How Many Paylines Are There

Progressive slot machines have several paylines that are really very diverse, so you should know that well before starting the game. Generally, the more paylines there are, the greater the chances of winning. However, the combination of the arrangement of symbols will also increase. So you have to know how many paylines are available in your game choice and take advantage of the maximum number of paylines.

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