Do It Become Social Marketing


Digital technology is now very developed, where Indonesia is also preparing to become a digital economy country.

In terms of marketing, digital technology is a good means of building relationships with consumers throughout Indonesia and throughout the world. This technology is very helpful in getting feedback from consumers.

With social media that is easier to access, it can be easier to do, social marketing can take advantage of social media activities for marketing purposes.

A social marketing person is responsible for preparing what content is interesting to share and keeping the intensity of followers accessing increasing.

What’s interesting is the social marketing work pattern in one of the major online business platforms in Indonesia. Therefore, the team conducted an exclusive interview with Putri Nindya – Social Marketing, Shopee.

Here are the results of our interview:

There are several questions about work for Mba Putri. Previously, how long did you stay at Shopee?

Already from March 2016, as Social Marketing. His job is to start from brainstorming ideas. The implementation of the existing campaigns, we also discussed with other teams what content they wanted to create on social media. Then, make briefings, posts, reporting. Basically, every day is tasked with creating content and scheduling uploads on social media.

What do you think about the opportunities for a Social Media Marketing now and in the future?

Professionally, Social Media Marketing is quite popular. Almost all companies need social media, because social media has a very big influence on existing companies. Not only companies, businesses or small sellers like online shops still need social media. From social media, we can form a trusted brand, better known so that many people can buy it. Social Media Marketing has become an important matter and in the future it will continue to grow. Now that social media is crazy, easy to access, more and more features are very promising for all businesses.

When working as Social Media Marketing, what challenges do you often face?

There must be many challenges. Social media is the most important, where we can meet directly with online users. The most difficult challenge is if we have targets from the company such as followers, engagement, and others. So the interaction between us as a company and the user must not decrease in level. We on social media followers must keep increasing, engagement and comments must also increase, comments must increase. Share must be high. That is the challenge of working on social media.

Does anyone use tools or applications not to work in Social Media Marketing?

So many. But all of his social media are run manually. But at first we did it manually, everything was done by ourselves.

For this Social Media Marketing worker, is the system working remotely or an office schedule?

Office schedule. We all use an office schedule, every Monday to Friday, starting from 09.30-18.30 WIB. Even though Saturday and Sunday are sometimes remote. Because we have a need for discussions with other teams, so we are remote.

The most common problems you face while working here?

Every job has a problem. It’s not a problem, but the thing that must be considered more precisely is to always be careful and eliminate mistakes. Because if there is a slight error in work on social media, it will quickly be seen by everyone. So it must be maintained and it is quite difficult. For example, like maintaining an Instagram account, there is difficulty managing this social media account in one gadget such as a cellphone for example. When we upload something for a personal account with a Shopee account, it becomes an error. Therefore, we must always check again before updating, whether this is already on a Shopee account or even a personal account. Plus, Shopee doesn’t only have one account either. There are many Shopee social media account channels, so we have a duty to pay more attention to this.

Another problem is being up to date on the latest trends. We really keep on monitoring what is trending on social media. For example, now there is a viral 10 Year Challenge, Shopee is also making it.

To become Social Media Marketing, what do you have to learn?

I also don’t have the basics for social media marketing. So I actually studied at Shopee when I first started working here. Actually it’s easy, easy, and difficult. Because talking about social media, who doesn’t know social media these days? Social media itself has become very close to us. But, how can we optimize the function of the media to be able to bring back profits