Important Role Regarding Digital Marketing

Important Role Regarding Digital Marketing – Becoming a digital marketer is not easy. It takes some potential and expertise to be able to do it successfully. So, here are some strategic digital marketing roles in the industrial revolution era:

1. Identify business opportunities

Before running a business, identifying business opportunities is very important. The role of a digital strategist will be to collect information and analyze it so that they can create the right business concept. That way, the business opportunity to succeed in the market will be even greater. The trick is to do market research, manage market segmentation, targeting to brand positioning in order to create products that consumers can like.

Important Role Regarding Digital Marketing

2. Designing Marketing Content

The next role of digital strategists is to design marketing content for company products or brands. Content marketing is an effort made to introduce a product so that consumers are interested in buying or using it. Marketing content includes various things such as business websites, promotional videos, infographics and also product photos for distribution to a wide audience.

3. SEO Optimization

In this era of the industrial revolution 4.0, marketing and promotional activities are almost completely carried out through the internet. This is where the role of digital marketing strategists is needed to improve SEO optimization so that business products appear in the main search column. In this way, the opportunity to get consumers will be even greater. This SEO optimization is usually done in several ways. Some of them include link building, business listings, online media brand mentions, google my business, reviews and also sharing on social media. By increasing SEO optimization, the chances of getting massive customers will be even greater.

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4. Collect customer data

Customer data has an important role in building a business. To develop a business, digital strategists must be able to collect customer data so that they can get bigger prospects in the future. Customer data can also be used for email marketing when a company releases a new product. In this way it will be easier to influence consumers to buy the new product.

5. Monitoring

The digital strategist does not only play a role in making marketing concepts but is also responsible for monitoring the marketing activities that have been carried out. This monitoring is done by looking at viewers, likers, and comments to engage with the audience. Monitoring results will be used as evaluation material to improve marketing activities in the future.

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