Knowing the Types of Slot Agent Bonus Offers

Knowing the Types of Slot Agent Bonus Offers

Knowing the Types of Slot Agent Bonus Offers – By deciding to play online slot gambling, you can indeed find the various types of bonuses offered. You may have recognized the various types of bonuses available on online or offline slot machines at land-based casinos such as jackpot bonuses, mini games and free spins embedded in slot games. But did you know that there are still many types of bonuses available on real money slot gambling betting sites?

Slot games have recently received special attention from online gambling lovers in the country and are predicted to be a tough competitor for poker gambling, which has dominated online gambling games in Indonesia throughout these years.

Because apart from the bonuses we mentioned above, namely jackpot bonuses, mini games and free spins, there are still a number of bonuses waiting when you switch to online slot games.

Turnover/Rolling Bonus

The turnover bonus or rollover is a common bonus that is clearly available on every Indonesian online slot gambling website. This prize is the same as your bet round bonus while playing online slot games.

This means that all the bets that you have made in the game, whether you lose or win, are still counted. Then the total amount is the same as the validity period of the bonus that has been confirmed, for example / day / week / month.

The entire accumulated turnover will be reversed according to the provisions of the site’s bonus provisions to your online slot account in the form of game credits.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are commonly found on Indonesian online slot gambling websites. If you usually get a return bonus / cashback value from the total value of your shopping. The mechanism is not much different.

The value of the online slot joker88 cashback bonus is taken from the total loss in your account at a certain time and then reversed as a % in the form of game credits. So it can be said that the cashback bonus is the same as an interlude bonus or a loss bonus. This bonus can be combined with a turnover bonus so you can get 2 bonuses at once when playing online slots.

New Member Bonus

Bonus prizes for new members or new members are one of the things you can taste as online slot gamblers. After registering a new member you are immediately given playing capital without a deposit.

The amount of new member bonus value that can be obtained also varies on each site. This bonus can only be obtained once because if you are found to be naughty, in other words, you register again and there is an IP match in your new account, the bonus will be removed.

Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is an additional credit bonus after you make a deposit. The amount of the deposit bonus is between 50% – 100% of the value of your deposit. So that there is no misunderstanding, you should watch the terms of this deposit bonus because generally there is an optimal bonus that can be obtained.

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