Over Under Becomes the Most Interested Bet Type

Over Under Becomes the Most Interested Bet Type

Over Under Becomes the Most Interested Bet Type – Every player who plays online sportsbook gambling certainly has a favorite type of bet. The trend of playing soccer gambling is now starting to rise among Indonesian gamblers. Actually, for soccer gambling, this has long been popular among Indonesian people. It’s just that, lately, the fans and gamblers are getting bigger. The reason is because now there is a new way to place bets, namely via online bookies.

Through online bookies, placing soccer bets is easier and more practical. Most importantly, players need not be afraid of raids, because everything is packaged virtually. What’s more, the profit payments are made quickly. After the match, if you win, the gambler will immediately get paid.

Things like that make online soccer gambling very popular. Moreover, when playing online soccer betting, gamblers can play a variety of bets. One of the most popular is over under goal. This is the type of game that is mostly played by Indonesian gamblers.

Gamblers consider this over under goal game to be one of the games with a high win rate. Therefore, if you also plan to play  betting online, this game is a must to learn. That is one of the efforts so that later you can make profits more easily at online bookies.

How to play over-under soccer gambling?

For those of you who have played at land dealers or novice gamblers, you will definitely be unfamiliar with this bet. That’s right, because the over under goal soccer bet can only be obtained when played via an online bookie. So, at land airports circulating in Indonesia, this type of bet is almost impossible to find.

So, what exactly is this bet? This is a bet that predicts the outcome of a football match. Can be in the first half or full time. However, unlike a handicap, you only need to guess the number of goals. It doesn’t matter which team wins, because the point is only in the number of goals in that match.

Later, in every market, there will be an o/u value. The O/u represents the index for over under goal. The way to read it is similar to how to read a handicap or voor. For example, the value of o/u 3. So, the reference value of goals in the match is three, you can guess over or under.

If you guess over, it means that the total goals must be more than 3. For example the score is 4-0, 1-3, 2-3 or others which if the total is more than 3, you win. If the guess is under, then the match must end with less than 3 goals. If the result of the match ends with 3 goals, the bet will be refunded.

So, in this bet, players on online soccer sites do not need to predict who will be the winner of the match. But only need to predict the number of goals, will be higher than the o/u value or lower. So that later it is easier to win the bet, consider the following analysis tips.

Tips for analyzing over under goals when gambling online soccer

To analyze the match in this over under goal gambling, of course it will be different from the way of analysis in handicap or voor bets. Therefore, for those of you beginners, you must learn how to analyze the match. That way, later it will be easier to bring in rupiah coffers when playing.

The analysis method is very easy, because you only need to predict the number of goals. So, you can first look for statistical data from both teams. Both the performance of each team in the last 5 matches and the last 5 meetings between the two teams. You can get this kind of statistical data very easily on the internet.

  • Via football news portal
  • Through a special website that shares statistics for football teams
  • Through online bookies, you can also

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