Strategies for Using Instastory for Promotion


Strategies for Using Instastory for Promotion – Currently, many people use social media to promote products that are being sold or marketed. The most widely used social media is Instagram. Instastory is one of the features that Insttagam has, it actually becomes a tool to promote products and sell. Here’s a strategy to use Instagram stories for promotion

1. Create an Interesting and Interactive Content Plan
The first strategy that must be done when trying to maximize the function of Instagram stories is to make a careful and measurable plan regarding the content to be broadcast. The content here should have been designed from the start to be interesting and interactive content.

Careful planning facilitates the content production process and makes small things that were previously unthinkable, can even be optimized to become ideas that may be out of the box. From this carefully planned, detailed, and structured plan, you will be able to create interesting content to be displayed on Instagram stories, whether in the form of text, images, infographics, videos, and so on.

2. Create Content and Take Advantage of Videos
In Instagram stories, there are many features that you can use to create content that is unique to you and different from most existing content. Make sure to make full use of all the features in the process of promoting your business. In fact, you can combine features and apps as well as content types to create completely different content.

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3. Use the Right Hashtags
The use of hashtags is something that is no less important if you want to do marketing through Instagram stories. Hashtags have a huge impact on any content you post. This is because, many Instagram and other social media users, seek the information they need only from hashtags, without having to bother looking through social media account names.

4. Take advantage of the Q&A Feature
Currently, Instagram has a Q&A (Questions and Answers) feature. With this feature, you can ask various questions to your audience or followers, and give them the opportunity to ask whatever they want to know about your business and products.

Instagram stories that contain the Q&A feature is one way to invite the audience to interact directly, building closeness that can have an impact on increasing engagement and continuous interaction.

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