There are 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Get the Audience’s Attention

There are 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Get the Audience's Attention

There are 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Get the Audience’s Attention – To Steal The Attention Of The Audience Now There Are Five Tips And Ways Of Social Media Marketing That Users Should Know So That They Are Not Outdated

Sribu, a startup engaged in providing crowdsourcing-based digital marketing and content solutions, shares tips for business people who want to take advantage of the power of social media, especially through the Instagram and TikTok platforms to reach a wider market and increase sales.

The potential for marketing through social media (social media marketing) in Indonesia does not need to be doubted.

The combination of the massive number of users and the long duration of use of social media has made it one of the most powerful marketing tools.

A report from WeAreSocial in early 2022 noted that Indonesia was ranked as the 10th country with the longest average use of social media with an average usage time of 197 minutes or about 3.2 hours per day.

Ryan Gondokusumo, Founder and CEO of Sribu said that social media marketing has become a common thing for business people in Indonesia. The potential is indeed extraordinary and is expected to continue to grow in the future. If used properly, according to him, social media marketing can certainly be a powerful tool for business people who want to introduce and promote their products.

“Nevertheless, there are many misconceptions among business people regarding its use. We found that many business owners think that to do social media marketing, companies just need to create an account and post content about the products and services they offer. This of course can be done. However, to achieve measurable and expected results, a mature strategy is needed and supported by an attractive content creation strategy so that the products offered can become viral and in demand by potential buyers.”

In contrast to when social media was just starting to develop where the number of followers became a benchmark for the success of a campaign on social media, nowadays business people can achieve instant popularity if the content they create goes viral.

Recommendation system features like Reels on Instagram (IG Reels) or For You Page (FYP) on TikTok allow a viral content to be seen by many people, even if that person doesn’t follow the Instagram or TikTok account that created the content.

“The map of competition in the realm of social media today is different from when social media was just starting to emerge. In the past, what determines whether a content will be seen by users is if the account is followed by many people. The more followers an account has, the more people will be attracted to it. can see the posted content. However, along with the development of social media, the algorithmic system that determines the content displayed to users has also changed. Now, a content can be seen by more people if the content is judged to have the potential to go viral by social media platforms For that, the content creation strategy is the key to its success, “explained Ryan again.

Furthermore, Sribu shares some tips regarding aspects that need to be considered to make your video content go viral on Instagram and TikTok:

1. Determine your target audience

Even though as many people as possible see our content, the potential is also getting bigger, but if it is not right on target, then the results are not as expected.

It is important for business actors and marketers to conduct research to understand the profile of potential buyers or the intended target audience.

This is very important to do so that the content that is created is interesting, relevant and in accordance with the tastes and habits of your potential buyers.

Business actors need to create a specific prospective buyer persona profile so that they can identify interests and habit patterns appropriately in order to develop content strategies that are on target.

The profile of the intended target audience can also influence the choice of social media to be used.

TikTok has an audience of a younger age group. Nearly half of all TikTok users are under the age of 30 and 25% are under the age of 20.

If the target market segmentation is the young age group, then TikTok can be a more appropriate choice.

IG Reels has a more diverse audience segmentation with most users aged 25 to 44 years.

If you are pursuing a more mature audience segment with higher purchasing power, then IG reels can be the right choice.

2. Create content that is humane and relevant to your target audience

Impressive content doesn’t just have to show sophistication, sparkle or something ‘wow’.

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When observed, viral content often displays the human side and is relevant to the daily life and problems of the target audience.

Of course, to support this already interesting storyline, ensuring good video and sound/music quality is also important so that the content we create will inspire the enthusiasm and emotions of the audience who watch it.

3. Convey messages clearly and simply in a short time

To be able to go viral on IG Reels and TikTok FYP, business owners need to ensure that the impression and message they want to convey can be understood in a short time.

The maximum length of an IG Reels video is 90 seconds while that of TikTok is 60 seconds. For this reason, the concept of content must be carefully prepared so that it can convey the entire message in a short time.

Messages also need to be kept as simple as possible so that they can be understood in one video viewing.

4. Create content that builds interaction and provokes audience reactions

One aspect that determines whether a video can go viral is the interaction with the user.

For this reason, it is important to create content that provokes audience reactions, whether in the form of comments, likes or reposts.

This can be done by including a call to action in the video content, including asking the audience to like, leave comments, or share the post if they like the content or agree with the video.

5. Combine with paid advertising and influencers

Apart from relying on posts on your social media accounts, you can also expand your reach further by using advertising and promotions through influencers.

When placing an ad, make sure you adjust the parameters on each advertising platform so that it is right on target to the target you want to achieve.

In addition to using advertising, business actors can also reach more users by collaborating with influencers who have an audience profile that matches the products or services you offer.

In choosing an influencer, make sure that the impression displayed is consistent with your product and in accordance with the tastes of your target market.

After successfully getting the attention of the target audience and increasing the number of followers, the thing that is no less important is building relationships with them.

This can be done by responding to comments they make on posts or by reposting content from users who share our content on their accounts.

This will help improve relationships with the target audience and is expected to increase sales and loyalty to the products or services offered.

“There are so many aspects that affect the success of social media marketing efforts, ranging from careful planning, creating quality content, to building relationships with the target audience. However, sometimes business actors have limited resources in these areas. For that hiring freelancers can be the best solution.

As a freelancer crowdsourcing platform for digital content and marketing, Sribu has more than 26,000 curated freelancers who have various expertise ranging from digital content creation ranging from logo design, packaging, other banners, caption writing, articles, photography, videography, social media marketing, marketing. digital and website creation.

To date, as many as 100,000 jobs have been completed by freelancers through the Sribu crowdsourcing platform, with more than 15,000 small to large businesses using Sribu’s services such as Pertamina, DHL, Manulife Investment Management, Indesso, Intiland, Kebab Baba Rafi, Sari Munik, Mega Jaya, and many mor

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