Tips for Maximizing Marketing in Business

Tips for Maximizing Marketing in Business – In marketing a business, of course you will need a strategy and there are even many things that you must pay attention to. Here are some ways to maximize your marketing strategy

Tips for Maximizing Marketing in Business

1. Empathy when implementing marketing strategies
In modern marketing science, touching consumer emotions is one of the mandatory things that must be done by advertisers when implementing marketing strategies. Knowing and understanding consumer emotions can also help advertisers to define and design products. “Advertisers must be able to feel, see, and understand the situations, conditions, perspectives, and even emotions of their consumers. That’s called empathy.”

Empathy is really needed, especially during a pandemic. This is due to the many negative impacts felt by almost everyone in the world. Therefore, industries are also required to be more flexible and able to adapt in the midst of this uncertain situation. “For advertisers, in particular, being sensitive is the main key in communicating with consumers. Why? In the advertising industry, a successful campaign starts with how we can answer consumer needs through marketing strategies and the products we provide,” explained Sylvia.

2. Pay attention to the functional and emotional needs of consumers
According to Sylvia, marketing will always involve 2 needs that need to be met, namely the functional and emotional needs of consumers. He took the example, “For example, lotion brand A, a brand that focuses on skin health. The product launched is a hand sanitizer equipped with vitamin E. Targeting women, this product wants to solve problems related to dry skin caused by frequent hand washing and/or using hand sanitizer. The functional need is to clean, as well as moisturize the skin, while the emotional need is to free consumers from the anxiety of dry and cracked skin. As simple as that.”

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3. Consistency generates optimal consumer engagement
Advertisers must also be able to build consumer trust through advertising. “Consistency, for me, is the most important thing. Building the name of a brand is not an overnight job. Let alone last night, so many years is also not necessarily successful. Then, what do I mean by consistency? It means consistency in brand identity, brand message, execution, distribution through the right content and platform. With this consistency, we will also be able to reap consumer confidence,” explained Sylvia.

In addition, Sylvia said, collaborating with credible partners can also help advertisers to shape consumer perspectives. In addition to the media or platform used, the partners in question also include brand ambassadors. “Everything must be considered properly and carefully. For me, an example of an advertiser who advertises consistently and nicely is the Apple brand,” said Sylvia.

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