Why Websites Must Be Fast


Why Websites Must Be Fast – Currently the website is not something foreign. Websites have been widely used by businesses. In any situation, everyone should be able to understand the benefits of the website properly. But what happens if the website is not fast? Here are some important reasons why websites need to be fast.

A. Important Reasons for Websites to Be Fast

Reflecting on the dangers of websites with slow performance, you should know the benefits of a fast website. To be more sure, here are a series of reasons why having a website with fast loading is important:

1. Convenient Visitors
This is the most important benefit of a fast website, which is to make visitors comfortable. Internet users of course come to your website with the aim of obtaining the desired information, if the website has a fast loading display, they are certainly satisfied and finally feel comfortable. Without you knowing it, this is a form of business service.

2. Good in SEO
In managing a website, of course, the rules of SEO must be understood so that the content appears on the first page of the Google search engine and is chosen by many people. SEO apparently also pays attention to the speed of a website as one of the competitive factors. For this reason, if your website is accessed quickly enough, of course the SEO ranking will be satisfactory.

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3. Low Bounce Rate
In short, Bounce Rate (BR) is the percentage of visitors who leave the website after opening one page. The higher the BR is certainly not good because one of the triggers for a high BR is slow website loading. But if your website access is fast, visitors can certainly access page after page which makes BR low.

4. Increase Income
And this is the benefit of a fast website that is very popular with managers, especially business people, namely increasing income. Because when accessing the website is fast, visitors are certainly willing to do many things such as becoming a subscriber, leaving comments, sharing content on social media to buying products which means increased income.

Tips to Speed Up Website? Niagahoster is the solution!
From the reviews above, it is evident that there are many benefits to be gained if the website loads fast. So, how to make it happen? Take it easy, there are a few tips you can do:

Themes affect website speed because they are related to the visual elements displayed. The more visual elements will certainly burden the loading. So it’s a good idea to choose a theme that is simple and quickly accessible on both mobile and desktop computers
Because images and videos have an influence on website performance, it’s a good idea to optimize the size of this media file so that the website doesn’t slow down
If necessary, remove useless platform plugins including advertisements which will, however, affect website performance
Choose a quality hosting service provider because the main key that affects website performance is the web hosting server

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